Ditch Covers

Raw Material : Stainless steel/Galvanized steel
Slot Cover Types Of: : Single slot or multy slot / middle slot or with side slot can be available
Length : 1000mm
Width : 140mm-460mm or Customized
Loading Class : A15-D400 to EN1433
Internal Size Of The Gap : 15mm or Customized
Gap Height : Existing list selection or Customized
Suitable for use in a variety of material drains
Suitable for all kinds of drains: polymer concrete gutter, HDPE drain, brick ditch cement channel.


The ditch covers provides a new way for building design. It is very suitable for installation in places with high requirements for paving landscape.

Type of steel slot cover

There are available in single gap or multi gaps, each gap less than 12mm width, can not exceed 12mm width, so women heels easily step in, we generally recommend width of less than 12mm.
Raw materials: 201,304,316 stainless steel
Thickness of stainless steel: 1.5mm or 2mm or etc
Gap spacing: 12mm or 10mm…we generally recommend width of less than 12mm

Specification of steel slot covers



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